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Archives,  a seminal piece to all my subsequent text-based works, is an autobiography housed within the drawers of a vintage wooden library file cabinet. Viewers are provided an intimate look into a personal archive each time a drawer is opened and the small, seared images are revealed. Depicting sites of reference for specific years beginning with my birth, each collected memory has been incised and scarred onto cotton paper using an unconventional technique of engraving the images through a wood-burning tool. Particularly, these charred engravings ascribe to anatomical atlases, and I have positioning small annotations of book terminology, autobiographical passages and references of the human body at the bottom of each illustration. The annotations are selected for their analogous suggestions; for instance, the drawer which houses “turning point” becomes not only a description of a year of change, but depicts the first cervical vertebra, the bone on which the human skull pivots. 

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