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In Scholia, the entire text from Shakespeare’s Tempest was removed from the pages, leaving only the scholarly examinations, references and footnotes on the page. Using a library copy of the play, any residuum of handwritten notation, underscoring and marginalia were also maintained. Through the addition of varnish, the pages can be read from both sides, enabling the viewer to see inverted text, intersections and convoluted references, directly remarking on the corruption of texts that occur with each new version. Anchored to the large-scale book floats a small, transparent, paper rowboat, piled high with fused black letters. While the presumption is that the text within the boat could be reconfigured to re-write the original play, it is permanently altered through its journey, never able to be replicated from the original context in which it was created: Through the act of interpretation or revision, a new text is created. 

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